Posts by: Paul Smith

Incorporating Exercise into Workspace Design
21 May 2019

Workspace design can promote employee health through a variety of ways, including by promoting exercise. Here are a few ways to set up your office for active employees.

Color and Cultural Meaning in Global Workspaces
14 May 2019

Color has strong cultural associations and meanings, and new global workplaces need to consider the impact of color on branding,

Is an Open Plan Office Right for You?
07 May 2019

Open plan offices are probably one of the most contentious subjects in office design. Here’s what to consider when designing your office and how to include the elements you want from open vs. traditional plans.

Fine Craft in Business and Work Spaces
30 Apr 2019

Is it Art or Craft? This may be a distinction without meaning for many, but for those who work in

Workspace Design Challenges: The New Green Cafeteria
29 Apr 2019

What are some of the new creative design trends in the world of healthy food at work and in the cafeteria? Read on to learn more.

Neutral Palettes in Custom Furniture Design
23 Apr 2019

Designing custom office furniture can be an excellent capital investment. To ensure longevity and the ability of the design to work well with changing schemes, many industrial designers look to neutral color palettes. Neutrals are soothing to the eye and promote calm. They tend to project an air of establishment, class, and longevity.

How Generational Shifts are Influencing Workspace Design
09 Apr 2019

Millennials are one of the largest generations to enter the workforce since the Baby Boomers. Much like the Boomer generation

A Resilient Workforce
02 Apr 2019

 Employee engagement, the touchstone of a healthy workforce, needs some additional work from leadership. The current climate of rapid and