Designing a Workspace
25 May 2020

When designing a workspace for yourself, it’s important to consider the layout, design, functionality and color scheme to make sure

Top Benefits of an Impressive Office Design
21 May 2020

When it comes to the office or any work area, the layout and design of the space area under use

2 Considerable Factors in Remodeling a Company’s Office Design
07 May 2020

1. Choosing Colors That Suits the Company’s Culture and Vision Statement. Colors of a room have psychological effects on people.

Factors to Consider When Planning an Office Design
21 Apr 2020

Planning an efficient office design can seem like a daunting task. You must put into consideration several key factors to

What Should You Consider When Designing an Office
14 Apr 2020

  When designing or selecting an office space plan, keep in mind that superior design is a marketing tool. The

Passion Project: Greg Owen + Kitchenware
17 Mar 2020

Greg Owen, Studio Other Industrial Engineer, has been perfecting his kitchenware design through a combined skill of digital design and

Transform Your Work Space With Custom Office Furniture
10 Mar 2020

Executive office furniture can be a representation of instruments of your business, in addition to an ornamental statement of the

Pop Style in the Workplace
03 Mar 2020

The colors and styles of pop art are having a revival with pop style in the workplace. The international pop