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Office Design: Keep Lunch Breaks On-Site
05 Mar 2019

Two of the best ways to help employees stay productive seem to conflict with each other. On the one hand

How to Offer Flexible Workspaces Without Wasting Space
12 Feb 2019

When you're designing an office, a lot of different factors are going to come into conflict. You need a consistent

Custom Furniture: New Eco-Friendly Textiles
05 Feb 2019

Eco-friendly textiles are those that do not significantly impact the environment through pesticide use or chemicals used during manufacturing. Bamboo

Workspace Design Considerations
22 Jan 2019

The ideal workspace design goes beyond creating a functional environment for your staff. As you consider the right model for

Urban Micromobility: Workplace Design Considerations
08 Jan 2019

One of the most exciting changes in the urban infrastructure of cities around the globe is the rise in personal

Modern Color Design in Workspaces
01 Jan 2019

When Pantone releases their Color of the Year, both the fashion industry and industrial and graphic designers take note. 2019's color,

How to Make Your Lobby Stand Out
20 Nov 2018

The standard wisdom gives each of us one chance to make a good first impression. That goes for your company,

Optimize Your Office Space for Healthy Working
29 Oct 2018

Every employee needs to be able to customize their office space for their own needs. Some employees may need more