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Design a Flexible Workspace that Matches Your Flexible Hiring
19 Feb 2019

Traditional, nine-to-five, salaried employees are no longer the norm (if they ever were). Instead, more and more office "employees" are

Workplace Design that Supports Employee Health and Wellness
15 Jan 2019

The majestic banks built of marble and stone in the early twentieth century, with their soaring ceilings and grand columns,

Urban Micromobility: Workplace Design Considerations
08 Jan 2019

One of the most exciting changes in the urban infrastructure of cities around the globe is the rise in personal

Trending: Pets in the Workplace
18 Dec 2018

Pets in the workplace is a perk many employers are embracing. It's low cost, and for the most part, well-accepted.

Common Values: Developing Community in a Co-Working Space
11 Dec 2018

Shared values and the ways in which we approach social responsibility, environmental stewardship, and other common ground can be ways

Is Your Office Ready for Instagram?
27 Nov 2018

Pictures are the way to connect with people online. Nobody likes a wall of text. Even a wall of text

Formality is Fading Away: How to Present the Right Corporate Culture
13 Nov 2018

Suits and ties are still essential. But they're notĀ essential every day. MoreĀ and more offices are switching from formal business attire

The Sharing Economy and Coworking Spaces
15 Oct 2018

The Coworking World is taking over traditional office spaces across the globe, and is infused with the energy and excitement