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Designing a Unique, User-Friendly Workspace for Your Business
04 Feb 2020

Nowadays, more and more corporations are understanding the importance of company culture. Not only is it necessary for a business

Color and Cultural Meaning in Global Workspaces
14 May 2019

Color has strong cultural associations and meanings, and new global workplaces need to consider the impact of color on branding,

Workspace Design Challenges: The New Green Cafeteria
29 Apr 2019

What are some of the new creative design trends in the world of healthy food at work and in the cafeteria? Read on to learn more.

How Generational Shifts are Influencing Workspace Design
09 Apr 2019

Millennials are one of the largest generations to enter the workforce since the Baby Boomers. Much like the Boomer generation

Using Branded Colors in a Workspace
19 Mar 2019

Using branded colors in your workplace design can be done in a way that creates a welcoming space without being overpowering. Here’s how to approach it.

Workspace Design: Cultivating a Successful Collaborative Workspace
04 Sep 2018

A collaborative workspace or a coworking space is an open office environment built to encourage interaction that boosts teamwork and overall productivity